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Spirituality and Religion

I have always found the link between both these concepts – or more correctly realities, as we do find them “alive and kicking” as it were in our daily lives through our encounters with them – most interesting and worthy of reflection. Quite obviously, then, they are usually overlapping areas of our experience. Indeed, some…

Census 2016 & Religion

Census 2016

Its been 5 years since a Census was last done in Ireland and on April 24th we will be filling out the 45 questions about ourselves and our households to help Government Departments plan for the future. (2017 Edit: Post on Preliminary Results on Census 2016 & Religion) While for many the census is an opportunity…

Mormon Church Changes Stance On Homosexuality

Mormon Church now calls for compassion toward the LGBT community by saying “Homosexuality Is Not A Choice”. The Mormon church has launched a new campaign encouraging its members to be more compassionate toward the LGBT community. On Thursday, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched the website mormonsandgays.org, in which it calls for Mormons of all stripes to “love one another.”

Is Religious Unity Possible?

Is religious unity a dream that can never be fulfilled? Can it never be a reality? I feel that it can be. This does not mean that all religions should be merged into some spiritual hodgepodge. But if we are mature enough to see the purpose of each religion or spiritual path, we will recognize that there is very little difference between them. Once we get past the superficialities and variations, and there can be a lot of that, like dress, language, rituals, diet, or architectural styles of churches or temples, or feelings of superiority, we can see that the essential purpose of each religion is the same. That is to pray to God, sing His praises, discuss His pastimes and instructions, study the guidance of the prophets or messengers of God, and to think of God or meditate on Him in any number of ways. The process is the same, summarized as hearing about God, chanting or singing about Him, and remembering and serving God. That’s it. Anything else is an expansion of these items. The goal is the same: To learn how to surrender to God and love Him with all our hearts and minds, and then to treat and love others as parts and parcels of God. Simple. Why do we gather at temples, churches or mosques? Simply to learn and practice how to do this, and associate with others who wish to do the same. Thereby we all help each other in this direction.

Census and Religion

On April 10th every household in Ireland is obliged to fill out a census form. One of the questions asked in each census is on religious affiliation. The results of this can be very interesting. Such as can be seen from the 2006 census reports. In 2006 there were 3,681,446 Roman Catholics 125,585 members of the Church…