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Sai Baba: 'A Living Saint & God.'

          …..Really?   (All images were independently soured by Peter Arthur) For related Articles by Peter Arthur you can click the following link: Peter Arthur Archive (Spirituality Ireland.org)

Religion: It’s All About Fashion


    St. Francis of Assisi     Indian Dalit ‘Untouchables.’   Rich people being rich, Rich people pretending to be poor and really poor people being poor…. …it’s all about fashion!   (All images were independently soured by Peter Arthur)…

Zen: Breaking Free

(Image Source by Peter Arthur)

Zen asks us this direct question: Have you freed your mind? There is no conversation about relaxing meditation, or improving your lifestyle by taking a few minutes off everyday day to contemplate your existence. Hippy stuff and tree hugging aren’t…

Signposts to Enlightenment: Part 2

Signposts to Enlightenment (2) 4

Continuing with our exploration of Buddhism and the concept of ‘duality’ by examining primitive tribal artefacts and masks; this time in North America. North West First Nation: Transformation mask   Native Indian wolf mask   Inuit First Nation peoples   Haida…

Signposts to Enlightenment

(Image Sourced: Peter Arthur)

Intellectualism won’t help you much in your search for spiritual enlightenment, in fact exactly opposite is more likely to be the truth. There is a rich heritage in tribal cultures of illustrating spiritual concepts with artefacts carved sculptures and masks, as…

The Way of Zen

(Image Source: Peter Arthur)

As science becomes smarter and more objective and less egocentric the intelligence of animals has begun to emerge, as we find more and more species that use tools, form complex social groups and make plans for their own survival into…

Zen: Living Life on the Edge

(Image Source: Peter Arthur)

‘It is only through envisioning death that we can truly appreciate our own lives':This vital concept is just as important in Buddhism as meditation, spiritual enlightenment, and the liberation of the mind through physical effort. The realisation that death may…

The Life and Times of Buddha

Miraculous birth of Gautama Buddha. Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita Sutra manuscript c.900 A.D. (Source: Peter Arthur)

Looking back down through the millennia to when Buddha lived seems like a hard ask, but the principles of spiritual liberation that we find in ancient tribal customs that still live on in many parts of the world today, confirms that…

Redefining Zen

(Photo Source: Peter Arthur)

When spiritual philosophies are turned in religions, openness and freedom disappear.  Deluded despots impose their idea of structure onto whole communities of people to enhance their own prestige and power.  The karma endlessly repeats itself, ‘Great leaders’ come crashing back…

I’m Only Me

(Photo Source: Peter Arthur)

Maybe I’m a little bit mad crazy in a funny sort of way for I’m just a reflection of me myself, inside of me. So I sat and thought some more, round and round back to front upside down and…

Class and Religion


As Irish society becomes more middle class better educated and widely travelled, it’s easy to assume that ‘all’s well’ in Ireland. It’s said that all boats rise on the tide, both economically and socially; but if it was that simple…

Feelings Emotions and Karma

Releasing the pain and suffering of bad karma

We are the people we are, because every action and thought we have produces karma. Although feelings and emotions directly control how we feel as individuals, they also reinforce the vicious cycle of spiritual pain and suffering that we experience…

A Natural Life

Eastern Tibetan origin. Date: circa1800.
Medium:Appliqué and embroidery on silk.

The spiritual basis of Zen is very different to many other philosophies. It’s all about living a natural life, a spontaneous ‘free-form’ of living. In some ways it’s the reverse of Christianity; there is no guilt or penance, no sins…