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Master Gao goes Flying

Master Gao goes Flying

Like a flock of 10,000 starlings turning twisting swooping diving. In the endless chatter of senselessness I drop down to Earth grounded and ask: Why can I not fly? Ouch! Master Gao.1   Commentary: In this humorous koan Master Gao illustrates the problems we can encounter meditating. Our restless mind takes flight and before we…

Zen: The Gatekeeper

the gatekeeper

If becoming free was easy everyone would be free and living Zen lives; simple yes, easy no. The subconscious is like a Trojan ‘virus’ inside our mind preventing us seeing reality the truth hidden behind layers and layers of misleading delusion, and the program code works in total opposition to our real feelings and life…

Pure Zen

Tripitaka Koreana Buddhist scriptures
carved onto 81,258 wooden printing blocks in the 13th cent.

Have a look at and carefully study the block diagram above that simplifies Buddhism down into it’s basic component parts, and good luck with your endeavour! While you’re studying the myriad of Buddhist scriptures over the next number of years and decades, we will be considering Zen in its simplest form. Freud and Jung fell…

Zen: Connecting up the dots….


The moment of realisation understanding and comprehension of the human condition can suddenly and instantaneously happen to anyone anywhere at any time, an epiphany just like a proverbial bolt of lightening out of the blue. In that one instant of self-awareness and understanding the underlying cause of the confusion, delusion, and muddling of the conscious mind can reveal…

Spirituality Ireland’s Best of 2014

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As we bring 2014 to a close, we are proud to present the best posts from each of our contributing bloggers during the year. They have offered incredible insights, thoughts, knowledge, perspectives and inspiration over the year. Without their contributions Spirituality Ireland wouldn’t be what it is. Each blogger has supplied many posts and articles…

The True Origins of Zen

Christmas Post

Zen is all about the individual their intuition and personal life experiences. In a million lifetimes there is nothing that anyone can say about their own personal spiritual journey that could help others attain liberation. If we had the hard job of defining Zen we could say it’s just about ‘Me, me, me’ and nobody else. Very very…

The Little People

The little people

On Buddha’s lap we often stay in glens and woods at night and day On lotus blossoms in ponds we play just like little Buddhas often say. Invisible to Mortals kings and Gods under mossy banks leaves and logs. To Ireland’s fair lands the strangers came in high witches hats with guilty blame Wealth and…

Inside The Zen Mind

Inside Zen_6

The conflict between subconscious mind and the conscious mind. A lifetime of emotional and physical suffering. The root cause of all that suffering. A depiction of the powerful physical attributes of the subconscious mind: Crushing and wrecking your life until it becomes totally worthless Lying down for a few minutes to contemplate the problem: Meditation.…

Zen: Buddhist Stupas

This illustrates how Buddha liberated his mind

Heaped Lotus’. When we are born at first everything seems rosy and warm. We know something is seriously wrong with our personality, but can’t quite put our finger on it. The vast majority of people spend their lives feeling like this. Enlightenment. The cause of decades of emotional suffering becomes apparent, and we realise we…


Sai Baba: 'A Living Saint & God.'

          …..Really?   (All images were independently soured by Peter Arthur) For related Articles by Peter Arthur you can click the following link: Peter Arthur Archive (Spirituality Ireland.org)

Religion: It’s All About Fashion


    St. Francis of Assisi     Indian Dalit ‘Untouchables.’   Rich people being rich, Rich people pretending to be poor and really poor people being poor…. …it’s all about fashion!   (All images were independently soured by Peter Arthur) For related Articles by Peter Arthur you can click the following link: Peter Arthur Archive (Spirituality Ireland.org)

Zen: Breaking Free

(Image Source by Peter Arthur)

Zen asks us this direct question: Have you freed your mind? There is no conversation about relaxing meditation, or improving your lifestyle by taking a few minutes off everyday day to contemplate your existence. Hippy stuff and tree hugging aren’t part of the deal and the narrative is singular in it’s purpose: liberation. Hundreds of…

Signposts to Enlightenment: Part 2

Signposts to Enlightenment (2) 4

Continuing with our exploration of Buddhism and the concept of ‘duality’ by examining primitive tribal artefacts and masks; this time in North America. North West First Nation: Transformation mask   Native Indian wolf mask   Inuit First Nation peoples   Haida chiefs: North west Canada   A common thread that is emerging is the universality of…

Signposts to Enlightenment

(Image Sourced: Peter Arthur)

Intellectualism won’t help you much in your search for spiritual enlightenment, in fact exactly opposite is more likely to be the truth. There is a rich heritage in tribal cultures of illustrating spiritual concepts with artefacts carved sculptures and masks, as many of these societies were totally illiterate. Looking at examples of spirituality from deepest Africa…

The Way of Zen

(Image Source: Peter Arthur)

As science becomes smarter and more objective and less egocentric the intelligence of animals has begun to emerge, as we find more and more species that use tools, form complex social groups and make plans for their own survival into the future. There is now very little doubt that many animals have fully conscious minds…