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I’m Only Me

(Photo Source: Peter Arthur)

Maybe I’m a little bit mad crazy in a funny sort of way for I’m just a reflection of me myself, inside of me. So I sat and thought some more, round and round back to front upside down and…

Class and Religion


As Irish society becomes more middle class better educated and widely travelled, it’s easy to assume that ‘all’s well’ in Ireland. It’s said that all boats rise on the tide, both economically and socially; but if it was that simple…

Feelings Emotions and Karma

Releasing the pain and suffering of bad karma

We are the people we are, because every action and thought we have produces karma. Although feelings and emotions directly control how we feel as individuals, they also reinforce the vicious cycle of spiritual pain and suffering that we experience…

A Natural Life

Eastern Tibetan origin. Date: circa1800.
Medium:Appliqué and embroidery on silk.

The spiritual basis of Zen is very different to many other philosophies. It’s all about living a natural life, a spontaneous ‘free-form’ of living. In some ways it’s the reverse of Christianity; there is no guilt or penance, no sins…

The Future of Religiosity

(Photo source: Peter Arthur)

The common thread that connects many forms of religion, and indeed spirituality, is the promised transformation of our lives. Change often occurs through the realisation of our own flawed personality, and the acceptance and assimilation of our personal short comings.…

Zen and the Empty Mind

Cypress Tree Byōbu, folding screen by Kano Eitoku,c.1590. Japan.

Zen-ness is about emptiness, freeing the natural mind from the destructive power of the sub-conscious. Empty from the constant emotional distraction of duality, of being in two minds. We are not born free. Spiritual enlightenment is the realisation of that…

Abortion: An Inconvenient Truth


In Ireland we’re a kind race of people, not Germanic Anglo Saxons, war-like Norse Vikings or dour lowland Scots. Recent genetic tests suggest we’re closely related to the Basque of north western Spain. Our cultural heritage is distinct and different to our…

A Time For Change


Dear friends, January and February are depressing months. The winter still lingers, and the Spring seems far away. Maybe it’s a time for change, a new direction in your life…….   Knock yourself out!

Happy ‘St. Santa Claus Day’

'Very Slightly confused.'

We’re all fed up to the teeth with the commercialisation of Christmas.

No Jesus isn’t Santa Claus, but don’t be too surprised if a lot of children think he is. We’ve become confused. Three wise men visited the baby Jesus on Christmas Day, and Santa Claus shimmies down the chimney on Christmas Eve. If your children are anything like mine, it’s 5 am. in the early hours of Christmas Day that kids actually associate with Father Christmas, and not Christmas eve; and that’s where the confusion really starts.