Seven Ways Pagans Celebrate Earth Day

Paganism is a nature religion or earth-centred spirituality. A nature religion is one that has “a this-worldly focus and deep reverence for the earth as something sacred and something to be cherished. Not surprisingly then, Earth Day (April 22) is a holy day for many Pagans. Here are some ways that Pagans celebrate Earth Day.  …

Interfaith Calendar 2017

Almost each day of the year is a sacred time for someone, somewhere. This inclusive religious calendar for nine major world religions: Baha’i, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Jainism, Judaism, Islam, Paganism, Shinto and Sikhism, as well as Humanist/Secular dates. We hope you will come to this page regularly to learn about the festivals of your spiritual tradition…

Census 2016 & Religion

Census 2016

Its been 5 years since a Census was last done in Ireland and on April 24th we will be filling out the 45 questions about ourselves and our households to help Government Departments plan for the future. (2017 Edit: Post on Preliminary Results on Census 2016 & Religion) While for many the census is an opportunity…

Spirituality and Compassion

We are all very much a work in progress. It is a lifetime’s journey to come to terms with life and to get a grasp on what it might mean for us to play our particular part in its unfolding drama. As we age, we grow in experience and in wisdom – or at least,…

Confucius, The Great Teacher of the East and Confucianism

We know very little for certain about the life of the Chinese thinker and philosopher Confucius or Kongfuzi, whose name literally means “Master Kong”. He is said to have lived from 551 to 479 BCE and he may have been a student of the Daoist Master Lao Tzu. Confucius’ life, in contrast to his tremendous importance, seems starkly undramatic,…

Atheism and Me: Living in a godless universe

Hey there, Spiritualinis! In this installment of my series of posts on Atheism and Me, I’ll be addressing something I’ve heard a lot from folks of a more religious or spiritual persuasion. Namely, how on earth I manage to keep myself sane and happy in a universe without gods. It (and I’m paraphrasing here) tends…

Atheism and me: a brief history

This is the first part of a series originally posted a few months ago over on my personal blog.  For a while now, I’ve wanted to write about atheism and me- how I became an atheist, why I am an atheist, what is important to me about atheism, and how I relate as an atheist…

Atheism and religion: it’s all in the axioms

I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in any gods or supernatural beings or occurrences. As far as I can tell, we live in a wholly natural world. But while my atheism is important and informs many of my perspectives, I don’t see it as an essential part of my basic worldview. It’s merely a conclusion…

Calls for Separation Between Church and State Following Savita Death, But Could There Be Benefit For All

Atheist Ireland has this week been calling for an immediate separation between the church and the state following the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar. They have been holding a series of public meetings around Ireland to highlight the issue and to raise awareness of the plight faced by victims of laws on blasphemy.

These calls for a Separation Between Church and State is not only being call by Atheist Ireland but a Rainbow Coalition of secular groups. However if a Secular State was voted in Ireland could there be mutual benefits for all?

Spiritual but Not Religiously Inclined

I am not a religious person, and I’m most certainly not spiritual either. Both of these statements get me into trouble in polite society, especially when they are coupled. Apparently I’m not the only one, as anybody who has used an online dating service will readily testify. Typically, these web sites allow you to specify your religious beliefs (and to express a preference for the religious beliefs of your prospective dates). Try simply checking the “atheist” box (if there actually is one), and you’ll be waiting a long time for your matches. But if you describe yourself as “spiritual but not religious” your chances are markedly improved (though the problem now is that you’ll see a lot of new agey types showing up in your inbox). Why?

David Cameron says UK is a Christian country “and we should not be afraid to say so”

David Cameron has said Britain is a “Christian country” and “we should not be afraid to say so”, as he marked 400 years of the King James Bible. The British Prime Minister said the Bible has helped to give Britain values and morals which “we should actively stand up and defend”. And he also criticised the idea of “moral neutrality”, saying: “You can’t fight something with nothing”.

Why I’m a Humanist

I’m proud to call myself a Humanist because it is a progressive secular lifestance which affirms the value of the lives we have in the here and now. It is not restricted in its focus to that of the criticism of religion like the atheist movement but instead embodies a critique of religion itself by promoting an alternative way of living life without religion.