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Wanted: Bloggers

imagesWe at Spirituality Ireland are always looking for bloggers to provide a large range of perspectives, articles and blog posts on spirituality and religion. Bloggers are the lifeblood of Spirituality Ireland, providing the energy and vision to make the website bigger and better every day. So, what’s the story? Well, we want you to tell us. It’s up to you to decide and to let it be known.

We believe that to encourage inter-spiritual discussion around Spirituality in Ireland and abroad, while similarly creating an open and safe space for readers to view, read, be inspired and to learn similar or different perspectives on spirituality what is needed is channels and platforms for participation and active blogging from a wide range of bloggers from different spiritual and religious backgrounds and none as well.

If you have an interest in becoming a blogger on the site please email to with the title “Interest in Becoming a Blogger“ and someone from the Spirituality Ireland team will be more than happy to provide help and assistance or simply fill out the contact form on our Contact page.

Further is a link to a description of the site (Link) which includes our mission statement, acceptability policy and copyright policy. You can also have a look through the Site to see what other contributors have produced to get a better idea of the site and the diversity of the topic and subjects.

Hope to hear from you soon.