How to Tap into Your Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance EckankarYou know the way you feel something is right but you’re not sure how you know? Or, you felt the need to do something but your don’t know why? This is your inner guidance and it can come as a nudge, a dream, or a quiet voice within you.
Often people are afraid to follow their inner guidance. It sounds like such a foolish thing to do, especially if they have to face other people and explain why they are doing what they are doing. Inner guidance isn’t usually spoken about, yet many of us receive it through intuition, inner visions, dreams, or subtle insights we gain throughout our daily lives.

Inner Guidance in Dreams

Dreams can be a very subtle way to get inner guidance. You may be familiar with the term, “Let’s sleep on it”. The next day when we face the issue again we often have a new way of approaching the problem or we have a new insight into solving it. We’ve received this guidance while we slept overnight.
Sometimes our dreams can be more direct where we witness an event or situation which gives us a better insight into what is going on. For example, I had a disagreement with a friend over a year ago and ever since she has refused to talk to me. This was upsetting for a while but one night I had a dream with her and we were both joking about how we were arguing in our outer lives. We both had lessons to learn for the process. Since then I’ve been less upset over this breakup as I now see, at the core of our relationship, we are still friends even though that isn’t the case in our outer lives.


IntuitionInner Guidance

Some people call it “a gut feeling”, “an instinctive response”, or their intuition when they try to explain a response or decision they made which doesn’t look logical or predictable to an observer of a situation. Some people seem to be lucky and go with the flow of life. This is how many of us explain inner guidance and how we use it in our lives. This guidance is available to everyone but not everyone uses it.
Some people dismiss their intuitive ideas because they are not logical, they don’t make sense. For example, I may have decided to go into town via my usual route. But as I approach a junction an idea comes into my mind, there may be something interesting if I turn left rather than going straight. If I’m in a relaxed mood, I’ll likely go left out of curiosity, however if I’m under time pressure I’ll be more critical in considering the idea. Did the idea come because at this time it could be a faster way into town or do I stick with my tried and trusted route?

As I ask this question, I’ll watch for images and ideas which appear as an answer to my query. If I get an image of a traffic jam ahead or my imagination shows me a clear and empty road to the left, then I’ll take the left turn. If I don’t get any images but get a strong feeling that going left is the right thing to do at this time, then I’ll make the turn.


Inner Guidance is a Skill

Of course there is no logic to these decisions but because I’ve learned to trust my inner guidance over many years, I’m confident that following my intuition or gut feeling is the right decision for me. Over time I’ve learned that my intuition comes from the higher, happy, loving part of myself, Soul. It has a higher viewpoint of what is best for me at this moment. It often doesn’t make logical sense but it always seems to work out for the better.

Being open to our inner guidance is a skill we can practice and develop. Being aware of these subtle hints, nudges and insights is a good starting point and by doing spiritual exercises for a short time each day we can develop our awareness of the inner guidance which is around us all the time.


Simple Spiritual Exercise to Tap into Your Inner Guidance

Here’s a very simple spiritual exercise any person from any faith can do. It’s from Harold Klemp’s booklet, ECK Wisdom on Inner Guidance.
“If you’re Christian or Jewish or of any other faith, look to the God of your faith. Look to your saviour, look to your way of spirituality, and ask, “Show me truth, God.”
“If you’re sincere, God’s Voice, the Holy Spirit, will begin opening you to truth.”

Eckankar Seminar - Divine Guidance: Listening to the Inner Voice.

Eckankar Seminar – Divine Guidance: Listening to the Inner Voice.

If you’d like to learn more about Inner Guidance, Eckankar is presenting a full day seminar titled “Divine Guidance: Listening to the Inner Voice” on Sunday, May 14, 2017, 10.00am – 5.00pm. In the Mont Clare Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2. Join us as we explore what inner guidance means for each of us and how we can benefit from this special gift in our daily lives.



The links below will give you more information on our seminar, Divine Guidance: Listening to the Inner Voice, on our website and Meetup. There is also a link to the booklet, ECK Wisdom in Inner Guidance by Harold Klemp.
ECK Irish Seminar page
Official Main Site of ECKANKAR


Eckankar Irish Seminar, Divine Guidance: listening to the Inner Voice.


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