Remember Who You Really Are!

Unleash Your Authentic Self!

Have you ever looked at yourself and said, what more is there to learn about me and who is this I that is talking to me? Are they the same or different? Do you define yourself by the roles you play in life, your job or your qualifications? While these describe what you do, they do not describe your pure essence inside. Your personality is shaped by your environment and the people around you. Society, media, education and other outside influences have a role to play in your programming and conditioning. Your programming that defines the lens” through which you see life. It is actually possible to unlearn your programming if you know how to go about it. In that way, you can form new programming of your choice to empower your life. Your programming affects your beliefs, attitudes, values, goals and perceptions of life around you. It also affects your concept of your self.

“If somebody asked you, “Who are you?” what would your answer be? Could you tell him or her in one sentence? If so, how would you describe yourself? Are you defined by your personality, mind, body, or the roles your play? How do you see yourself? You are so used to looking  outward to the world in order to make sense of it because this is how you have been taught to learn and gain information. Therefore, you have become conditioned to this way of being and so have forgotten that there is another way to perceive things. We use our five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to make sense of the world. The paradox is that unless you first understand yourself on the inside, you will not fully understand yourself in relation to what is on the outside of you in the world, especially in relation to other people.

What you see on the outside comes from what is already on the inside. You always get what you look for. Otherwise, you would not be seeing it. Also, what you see is what you recognise in yourself. Otherwise, you would not know it. This self I refer to is part of the personality. You are not your personality. You are not your body. You are not your mind. Who you really are at your core is the essence of your being. It remains constant and always has. It is the deepest part of you that lies at your core, hidden from your conscious mind and state of being. Your higher self, your authentic self, gives rise to the knowingness you have that seeps into consciousness at times. Your personality is shaped by the experiences and memories you’ve had in this lifetime, which gave rise to your habits, mannerisms, and behaviours in general. Your authentic self just is, and it is the real you.

Your journey through life is always moving towards self-actualization, which is the point at which you come to know your self. Challenges in life give rise to lessons to be learned. Every obstacle in life is an opportunity to learn who you really are. There is no such thing as mistakes; there is only feedback. We all learn from our mistakes, which in reality are feedback we can use to become better. The more you learn about yourself, the more you move towards your authentic self. Some people take longer for self-realization, as they believe they must take the path of suffering by holding on to get to where they need to go. Others take the path of self-understanding and awareness without much effort by just letting go and accepting. In this way, they move with steady momentum towards their source, where true self-empowerment lies at the core. Integrating with your true self, in this sense, allows you to live your life with freedom, joy, peace, love, and happiness. Living life in bliss like this is possible. When you see it, you believe it, the saying goes. Well, when you believe it, you see it. Belief is everything. What you believe creates your reality, your idea of who you think you are and your concept of your self.” (p. 3, Unleash Your Authentic Self!)

Awareness is the first step to understanding the self on the road to self-discovery. The more you look inward, the more you realise there is to discover about you on the inside. This inner journey has no destination, because self-discovery is limitless. There is no limit to how much you can discover about your authentic self on the inside. The more you look within, the more you realise that divinity lies inside of you also, and not on the outside. You have an innate connection with your divine self, that is not separate from you. When you realise this, you can grow your bond with your divine self continually. Bonding with your divine grows and evolves through relating to your inner higher self. This can be through talking to your inner divine on a daily basis, singing and dancing while being present in the moment. Give yourself permission to be more of who you are.

“When you come to realize that co-creation of reality is linked with your spiritual development, this helps you to make sense of your life on a larger scale. You can see the big picture of why everything needed to happen the way it did to bring you to where you are now with everything you’ve learned. As you move away from ego towards your authentic self at your soul level, you are attracted to the idea of co-creation. This is not an end in itself on your path to conscious evolution of your authentic self. It is another step on the continuum towards your divine essence as you focus on your higher self or higher consciousness. In the process, your ability to manifest your heart’s desire becomes more instantaneous. The reason for your existence on earth is to master your perceived limitations. This comes about through conscious evolution into a higher consciousness and vibration of being.

Impossible is nothing. Your level of consciousness can set the boundaries for what may seem impossible to you. By empowering yourself from within, you raise your consciousness and so expand your previous boundaries of what is possible. By shifting your consciousness onto a higher level, you expand on the possibilities in your life also. When you realize that you are indeed limitless, you start to live from this knowing. You know you can overcome those previous limitations that held you back before for so long. By waking up to your authentic self and living your life with authenticity, you come to accept your new level of empowerment with grace and ease. When the veil is lifted, you come to realize that you are indeed a wise being of divine light at your core. When you tune into your authentic self, you begin to see that the only limitations in your life are those that you have control over. These limitations, created by you, last only as long as you accept them. By standing strong in your own truth with courage, you deny their power over you. When you express your own truth, these limitations disappear like steam off a hot stone on a warm sunny day.

Even though your divine essence is your essential nature, your personality allows you to experience particular aspects of earthly life. It is your ego that gives your freedom of thought. If you had no ego, you would not be individual. Your individuality that comes from ego enables you to have choice. Tuning into your divine essence means you do not have to reject or resist ego. It just means you handle ego in a different way, as it is a part of you. You can accept your ego while letting it know that you are in charge. When you are in tune with your divine essence, you are more detached from ego’s influence. Instead, you have spiritual control in your life, which differs from control based on fear, lack or want. Your spiritual core serves as your control centre. In this way, you are centred in your divinity, and this is what gives you strength from within. Your previous searching for control on the outside came from ego and the illusion of the outside world. In your divine essence, you are already whole. Your ego is a vehicle by which you can express the spark of your divine essence on earth. Ego is an important part of the person that you are. When you can express yourself freely, without being hindered by the ego, you are free.

As a human being, you are already whole in body, mind, and spirit. If you have a conflict within, then there are parts inside you that need to be integrated once more. This includes your ego. When you are all-inclusive, you accept yourself fully, even your ego. When you are whole in your being, you are whole in your thinking, as your essential nature shines through with ease and grace. This puts you in the flow of life, where everything you want comes easily to you. You are here to experience life as your own unique person. From this experience and learning, you can express your divine spiritual nature. By living your purpose, you are fulfilling your destiny. When you self-actualize, you know who you really are. From this knowing, you can express the truth of your divinity. You can see the divinity in life and other people surrounding you. You are at one with the universe and the earth. When you realize this, your life becomes sacred and everything you do is a prayer. You experience a better way of living from your heart, and this guides you onward towards your destiny. You know you are on the right path, and you feel safe at all times.” (p.277, Unleash Your Authentic Self!)

Elaine Mc Guinness, author of Unleash Your Authentic Self!

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