Powerful sentences that helped awaken the sleeping Me!


Humble salutations to the Supreme Creator, The Advaitha Guru Parampara (lineage teaching non-Duality) and my own Acharya (Preceptor) !

Through this blog, I wish to share some powerful lines which really shook me up from my deep slumber! These are lines from various books and lectures of various religions, traditions, authors and cultures. It certainly was not the first time I heard or read these lines but I guess once mentally ready, the same words open up a whole new plethora of meaning to it.


  • You are not human beings with a spiritual experience rather spiritual beings with an incidental human form for human experience.

  • You are not your body; you are not your brain, not even your mind. You are a being of light, of wisdom, of knowledge, of love! You are Spirit!

  • Earth life is a gift. It is a school to learn how love manifests in the physical dimension where bodies and emotions exist. Enjoy the simple yet abundant pleasures of life while not harming other beings or things, like nature.

  • Love is an absolute, cannot be diminished by time or distance(space).

  • If we can let go of negativity, anger and hated, we can gain self love which is the basis for love of others.

  • All is love…….all is love. With love comes understanding. From understanding comes patience. And then time stops and everything is NOW. Reality is the present!

  • Waiting is a state of mind;it basically means that you want the future, not the present. You don’t want what you have but want what you have not!

  • Love is not an abstraction but an actual energy or spectrum of energies which you create and maintain in your being. By being loving you are beginning to touch that Truth/God within yourself!

  • If loving means hating others, it is better not to love! If loving “your people” means hating everybody else, it is the quintessence of selfishness and brutality and will ultimately make all brutes!

  • Life is not about reaching for the next moment but in living fully/completely in this moment!

  • Life is a learning process to learn, correct oneself and grow NOW, not a platform for later judgement!

  • Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned!

  • Each one creates his own physical reality; that is, we create the glories and terrors within our earthly experience.

As you sow, so shall you reap!

  • If you think you are on the motorway to Heaven through “your” religion, I wish you well, very good for you. I’ll take the slower,scenic route, thank you! This is my choice, this is my freedom to decide how to unfold spiritually.

This beautiful example appealed to me greatly:

There are several people in a room with ONLY ONE EXIT. They are each given a compass to direct  them out to the exit. Based on one’s relative position in the room everyone gets a different prescription to the same exit. If one man wanted another to follow his prescription, the other probably wouldn’t make it out the door.

Live and let live!

  • Symbolism helps get around abstract ideas. Most religions while blatantly condemning the symbolism of others, unknowingly give sacred status to things themselves!

To each his own!

  • Meditation is, stepping into THIS moment for no reason, no purpose, no ulterior motives!

  • Death only exchanges one reality for another in the long continuum of Existance! Thus, absence is only a change of reality, not final!

  • The present moment holds the key to Liberation. But one cannot find the present moment as long as you are your mind!

  • The more you are able to accept and honor the NOW, the more you are free from pain and suffering!

  • Spirituality does not reside in the mind alone but in one’s entire persona;in the intentions and actions of a life well-lived!

Hope the above words did for you what they started off for me; a mind boggling , deep, interesting,invigorating enquiry into the ONE and only SELF/ Consciousness/Awareness/Truth/God/Reality.

Wishing love and peace to all!







Priya Umesh

I am Priya, an Indian by birth and origin but like to be called a citizen of the beautiful Mother Earth , having lived in different countries! A homemaker ,mom of 2 teenaged boys and a toy poodle, an ardent spiritual seeker and student of Advaitha Vedanta, I wish to share with all, what I have learned and thus divulge the teachings which have empowered my mind with peace, freedom and joy! Vedanta is that system of the ancient Vedic Philosophy which educates us about the “SELF” and thus teaches us how to live a liberated life “here and now”! 

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