How to regain your emotional balance

Our emotions can bring turbulent storms into our lives. Our thunderous emotions can strike at any time, particularly when a person who upsets us is in our vicinity. This can wash away our happiness and bring turmoil within us.

In Harold Klemp’s book, The Spiritual Exercises of ECK, there is a chapter on Balance and Harmony with a dozen spiritual exercises we can use to help us calm many of the storms we meet in life.SPiritual Exercises of ECK book cover

I’ve used one of these spiritual exercises a lot when I’ve found myself in a difficult position with someone. This could be a personal relationship in which a discussion develops into an argument or at a business meeting which gets to a point where you wonder if you should just walk away because of the issue they have just presented you with.

My first reaction is to get angry and fight back with the best defence I can think of at the time. This could be a justification for the things I’ve done or an accusation of the wrongs the other person has done. Of course that leads to a counter attack of my errors and mistakes being thrown back at me. It all ends in a mess after that.

What I try to do in more recent times when I see a conversation heading towards an argument is to open an inner connection to my creative, happy and loving self, Soul. By singing the holy word HU, a sacred name for God which resonates with Soul, I’m reminded we are all Souls trying to find our way home to heaven and happiness. This can be difficult to keep in mind when we are being bombarded with challenges, problems and difficulties. However, by singing HU within myself and asking the question “What would Love do in this situation” a bright idea or solution often comes to mind.

The resolution can often be a few words like “You’ve brought up some good points, let me think about them and I’ll get back to you”. That gives both of us a break from the current situation and time to consider a calmer solution.

Here’s Harold Klemp’s spiritual exercise on regaining emotional balance. Just before you get into the spiritual exercise, Harold uses some words you may not be familiar with. In the order that they appear, here’s my understanding of the terms:

Mahanta, the source of guidance we receive about our lives which may come as Intuition, creative thoughts or inspiration. It may also appear as the Living ECK Master, a saint or a spiritual guide in times of need.

Sugmad – God, the originator of all life.

ECK – the Holy Spirit, the Life-force.

Here’s Harold’s exercise:

Regaining Emotional Balance

“If you are faced with negative attitudes about people, how can you feel the love of the Mahanta? Here are three ways:

“1. If you meet someone that you have negative feelings about, silently say to yourself, “In the name of the Sugmad.” Repeat this phrase to yourself each time this occurs, blessing the situation

and letting it go.

“2. Be polite when these people are near you, but chant HU silently within yourself. Listen to them while you chant, rather than getting into a long conversation with them. Say as little as possible while still remaining cordial.

“3. In your imagination see the Mahanta near you.

“When you bless a situation you keep yourself in balance and do not become involved in the negative conditions. In addition, if you are a true channel for the ECK, miracles will take place around you.”

It’s a fairly simple exercise but it will take fair amount of effort on your part to stick with it when you are in a challenging emotional situation. I find singing HU is a great starting point. Just being aware that we are making a connection to our higher self brings confidence and reassurance that there is a higher power beyond our mind which has a solution for all problems. This is what allows miracles to take place around us.


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