8A No Way: The Campaign Isn’t Over

Enterprise at Connolly station

So much for thinking it was all over. Yesterday motion 8A was ruled out of order by the Chair following several speakers against the motion, including the Bishop of Cork, Paul Colton, who pointed out as it changed Church doctrine it should be a bill and not a motion. Motions 8B and 8C were then withdrawn by those who proposed them.

It is now reported that the motions may be merged and be placed before Synod tomorrow, which recommences at 10am in Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin.

According to The Gyronny Herald,

Rumours are abounding this morning following yesterday’s ruling that Motion 8A was ‘out of order’ at Church of Ireland General Synod in Dublin.

Having seen a rather large number of conservative members of the Church on the Enterprise train from Belfast, once in Dublin the news on the proverbial jungle drums is that all three of the motions that failed or were withdrawn yesterday are being grouped as one.

I am hopeful though that as Motion 8A was ruled out of order, it will not be reintroduced. It is hoped that his Lord Primate of All Ireland, Dr Alan Harper, will reject any such cynical attempt to retable the motions.

As Gyronny helpfully points out that the Archbishop is quoted as saying in the News Letter it is not

helpful to the synod to make these kind of adjustments on the move

We can now only pray that members of the Synod will reject this move to try and re-introduce this motion which can only be described as cynical at this point.




I am from Cork and a Member of the Church of Ireland. I attend St Anne's Union, Shandon and represent the parish on the Diocesan Synod of the Cork, Cloyne and Ross as well as on the diocesan Charting a Future with Confidence Council. Stephen is committed to the idea of an Inclusive Church and serves on the committee of Changing Attitude Ireland. He is also a member of Diverse Church. 


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