8A No Way: Motions Withdrawn

St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral

St Patrick's Church of Ireland Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The campaign against Resolution 8A at the Church of Ireland General Synod, which got under-way today, was successful as the resolution was ruled out of order. According the website of the Diocese of Down and Dromore


The Bishops’ Motion 8A on Human Sexuality did not come before the General Synod on a point of order. After submissions from several speakers, it was ruled that there was doubt as to whether motion 8A constituted a change of doctrine which would necessitate bringing a bill before Synod.

Following this ruling by The Archbishop of Armagh, the proposer (Archbishop of Dublin) and seconder (Bishop of Down and Dromore) withdrew the motions 8A and 8B altogether.

This is great news to those involved in the Campaign against the motion. But this of course is not the end of this. As the Gyronny Herald warns,

Whilst the Church of Ireland has seen off these motions today, we must remain vigilant as it is almost certain that some in our church will attempt something similar next year, and watch out at Diocesan Synods and Parish meetings for this issue being raised. Be on your guard.

So well done to the signatories of the Open Letter and those who signed the petition. It is time to make sure the LGBT people become fully active in the Church’s life to ensure that motions like this do not come back to Synod.



I am from Cork and a Member of the Church of Ireland. I attend St Anne's Union, Shandon and represent the parish on the Diocesan Synod of the Cork, Cloyne and Ross as well as on the diocesan Charting a Future with Confidence Council. Stephen is committed to the idea of an Inclusive Church and serves on the committee of Changing Attitude Ireland. He is also a member of Diverse Church. 


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  1. Barton Creeth
    May 11, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    The motion is back, TOMORROW. I have just heard that the Archbishop of Dublin has reintroduced the motion for tomorrow. Please spread word.

    • mm
      May 11, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      Thanks Barton! Don’t worry, we here at Spirituality Ireland will continue to spread the word as needed!

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